Community Giving
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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Emory match my donation?
Emory University, as a tax exempt entity itself, does not match donations made by its employees to charity. As a matter of fact, most non-profits don't match employee charitable gifts. Matching gifts are traditionally offered by corporations and for profit businesses.

Do I receive a copy of my donation form?
Yes! After completing the donation form and making your check payable to one of the nine (9) charitable partners, you should make a copy for your files.

Under Emory Community Giving, can I give to any nonprofit group?
No, the nonprofit groups that you can support through Emory Community Giving are American Heart Association Heart Walk, Community Health Charities of Georgia, Earth Share of Georgia, Foundation of Wesley Woods, Georgia Black United Fund, Georgia Shares, Global Impact, MedShare and the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and their member agencies.

How were these charities chosen?
United Way of Metro Atlanta has been a partner for many years and the other federations lobbied Emory for inclusion in the campaign for several years, and were recommended to the President's Cabinet by the Employee Council and the University Senate. Emory has reviewed each charitable federation to ensure that they meet certain key performance criteria. Each federation has certified to Emory that each of their member agencies are legitimate non-profit organizations.

How can I get more information about the charitable partners and their members?
Brief profiles on the nine (9) charitable partners and direct links to their websites are provided here. Although the size, number of member agencies, resources, and focus of these charitable partners vary widely, each charitable partner has been reviewed by Emory University and is in good standing on key performance criteria. Each charitable partner has certified to Emory that each of their member agencies is also in good standing and has the necessary credentials to operate as a legitimate nonprofit group.