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The Georgia Black United Fund

GA Black United FundIn 2008 more than 643,000 Georgia residents, mainly in the metro Atlanta area, were served by the Georgia Black United Fund, Inc. through its member agencies. The Georgia Black United Fund, Inc. (GBUF) has been serving Georgia resident since 1975.  GBUF is an umbrella organizations with thirty-eight member agencies and provides fundraising, technical assistance, and opportunities for collaboration for all member agencies.  Funds are allocated on a quarterly basis to give unrestricted supplementary support to projects and programs that assist in building a self-sufficient economic infrastructure in African-American and other underserved communities in the metro Atlanta area. GBUF is governed by a sixteen-member, Georgia-based board of directors, and currently participates in fourteen workplace-giving programs in addition to its other fundraising efforts.  GBUF represents agencies such as 100 Black Men of Atlanta, National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta Chapter of 100 Black Women, Covenant House Georgia, Inc., Apex Museum, Hammonds House Galleries and Resource Center, Figgtree Youth Recording Academy, Georgia Citizens’ Coalition on Hunger, Single Parents Alliance and Resource Center, Tennis in the Hood, and Spectrum Technical Institute.  Contributions to GBUF will be distributed among the organizations or distributed in full to the organization of your choice if so designated.

GBUF currently is one of four recipients of a grant from the Kellogg Foundation through the Rockefeller Advisory group that matches 1:1 any contributions up to $200,000.  A single contribution to GBUF supports the work of all our members.

Current member agencies include:

100 Black Men of Atlanta

100 Black Women

4 Girls Foundation, Inc.

Africans and African Descendants International Health Organization

Agape House

Apex Museum

Brightside Youth & Family Intervention Center

Center for Democratic Renewal & Education, Inc.

Chance for a Higher Level Outreach Program

Committed to Children, Inc.

Community Aid & Development Corporation

Covenant House Georgia, Inc.

East Athens Development Corporation, Inc.

Family Outreach Ministries International, Inc.

Figgtree Youth Recording Academy

Georgia's Citizen's Coalition on Hunger

Hammonds House Galleries

It's All About Education

Marrow for Life

Metro Respite and Developmental Services

National Black Arts Festival

National Urban Coalition for Unity and Peace, Inc.

Project South

Restoration Community Resources

Roots, Inc.

Ropheka Rock of the World

Shut-In Outreach Ministries

Single Parent Alliance

Sisterlove, Inc.

Spectrum Technical Institute

Tennis in the Hood

Village Keepers, Inc.

Women in Golf Foundation

Youth Connections, Inc.


  • Georgia Black United Fund (GBUF)
    1201 Peachtree Street NE
    400 Colony Square, Suite 200
    Atlanta, Georgia 30361
    404-524-6332 (F)